September Activities for Fun and Family Time: 5 Ideas

Sep 7, 2014

There are so many ways to make memories with our kids during the course of each month. From special theme days, to little known holidays, to create-your-own reason to celebrate, there are always ways to incorporate meaningful play and fun into our family schedules. Here are some ideas to help you find opportunities to beat the back-to-school blues!

The Anniversary of The Wilders

September of 2014 happens to be the 40th (oh my!!) anniversary of Little House on the Prairie. In a digitial, technological, fast, and busy world, it is nice to introduce kids to a simpler time. Family values and morals are paramount in every episode, which makes it even more of a draw for a wholesome alternative to cartoons and video games. Watch episodes at, and make it a family night with popcorn and milkshakes!

National Grandparents Day

September 7 is National Grandparents Day, where we celebrate the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families. Buy a Grandparents Memories book and ask them to fill it in as an heirloom. Or record a video of them answering questions about their upbringing and their favorite memories as a family keepsake. What an amazing way to honor those who shaped us and taught us as we grew, so that we can do the same for our children.

Roald Dahl’s Birthday

September 13 is Dahl’s Birthday, author of The BFG. Such a beloved children’s book, make “snozzcumber” sandwiches in the Big Friendly Giant’s honor. (Just in case: cream cheese and cucumbers on toast). Take turns reading the book together before bed, and talk about how the characters are feeling.

National Keep Kids Creative Week

September 21-27 is National Keep Kids Creative Week. Any activity that involves art, music, and movement will inspire and encourage creativity. How about a collage to represent a feeling? Writing song lyrics in succession as a family (each person adds the next line taking turns)? Choreographing movements to their favorite movie or TV song? The possibilities are endless, and they incorporate play into the daily grind.

Family Health and Fitness Day

September 27 is Family Health and Fitness Day. This can be a great day of activity, even just in the yard. Use pool noodles to make arches to crawl under, hula hoops hung from a branch to throw a ball through, a rope strung across the yard to make a net for your favorite game. As long as all of you are doing something together, it is meaningful and modeling active and healthy lifestyles!

September, officially the beginning of the fall season, can sometimes fly by with the addition of school and extra-curricular activities to the schedule. Take these moments this month to be purposeful about your activities with your kids. Playing together and having fun is significant for development, relationships, and memories. Use these or create your own to ensure September holds a special place in the heart of your family!

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