I’m Dr. Brenna Hicks

I help Moms fall in love with being a Mom again! Gain confidence in your parenting by learning Play Therapy Parenting skills.

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Get the “3 Universal Parenting Styles” training [FREE] right now!

Did you know there are only 3 Universal Parenting Styles?

TWO of the three styles lead to NEGATIVE outcomes in children’s futures.

Only ONE of the styles produces assertive, self-regulating, and self-reliant child behavior.

In this FREE, instant-access training, you’ll learn:

  • What the 3 Parenting Styles are
  • Which one positively impacts your child’s future
  • What the “Parenting Prison” is
  • How Play Therapy Parenting skills moves you towards the good parenting style
  • How to ESCAPE the Parenting Prison

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