When you’re with your kids, you want to be happy and calm, so you can LOVE being a Mom again.

If that statement above is one of your deepest desires, then keep reading. I want to tell you the path to get there.

Let’s start with where you are right now though.

In your family, there’s probably some chaos, lots of frustration, and probably moments of heartbreak during the days and weeks when your kids don’t respect you, appreciate you, or simply misbehave like they do.

You might be feeling defeated, tired, overwhelmed, and maybe you even feel like you are failing as a Mom!

Your day-to-day is busy and chaotic. Some days, you’re just surviving! Some days you just chalk up as a “waste” because the relationship with your kids is going backwards, and you just want to erase that day from your life.

Let’s be honest… some days, you just want to escape from your kids!

It’s okay to feel like that.

You’re not alone in these feelings, and you shouldn’t feel guilty.

I talk to parents, and especially Moms, all over the WORLD about this!

You’re not alone. And you don’t have to shoulder these feelings alone either!

Hi, I’m Dr. Brenna Hicks

a children’s therapist in the Tampa Bay area, Florida

I’ve been helping kids, and training Moms and Dads to have more confidence in their parenting since 2006.

I practice a very specialized type of therapy called Play Therapy, exclusively seeing kids between the ages of 3-14.

The use of Play Therapy skills is the only effective way of interacting with kids, in a therapy situation.

I am SO passionate about Play Therapy! I’ve devoted my life to it, and I especially love educating parents about Play Therapy, and watching families become happy and healthy again.

So after talking to so many Moms, I have an idea of what I think you really want… read on.

You want to be a “Smart” Mom!

When I talk to Moms, and ask them really deep questions about their wishes and desires, I typically get the same “themes” in their answers.

I’ve come to conclude that what they want is to be a “Smart” Mom.

What is a Smart Mom? She is…

  • Put together
  • Calm, confident and peaceful when dealing with her family
  • Well-rested
  • In control of her family situations (in a healthy way, not a “control freak” way!)

The Smart Mom is the Queen of her family. She’s fun-loving, enjoyable to be around… her kids like her! Heck, her kids FRIENDS like her and want to hang around too!

And of course, she’s looked up to and respected by her friends, and they are envious of her great family.

Most importantly, she is happy and fulfilled in being a Mom.

Does that description resonate with you?

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I’m going to jump right to the solution

There is no “quick fix”. But I’m sure you knew that already, if you’re honest with yourself.

There are no “tips”, “techniques”, “strategies”, “gameplans” or any other “quick fix” method for making you like your kids and like being a Mom.

The root of the problem is that you have a fundamental breakdown in the RELATIONSHIP with your child.

Play Therapists have been studying this for over 50 years.

What makes Play Therapy skills and techniques so effective, is not the skills or techniques… it’s the RELATIONSHIP the therapist builds with the child.

Typically, in the first three or four weekly sessions a play therapist spends with a child is what we call the bonding, or rapport building phase.

The child learns that the therapist unconditionally accepts them as they are. No judgments about their behavior or personality… just unconditional acceptance.

Once the child bonds with the therapist, they are then free to work through their issues, and the parents see dramatic changes in the child at home and school.

But make no mistake! The RELATIONSHIP is the key to everything.

I like to think of it this way…

If there were a door that you had to walk through to be a happy Mom, the RELATIONSHIP with your child is the key that opens that door.

The RELATIONSHIP is the key to you being happy being a Mom

So the next logical question is…

How do I get this RELATIONSHIP that you’re talking about?

I gave you the answer above, but let me restate it.

You learn to unconditionally accept your child. You do not judge your child’s behavior or personality.

Well that’s pretty vague, isn’t it? 🙂

How EXACTLY do you do that? I have the answer to that question as well

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (or CPRT)

CPRT is a training program that was created by the top Play Therapists in the world.

Dr. Garry Landreth and Dr. Sue Bratton (considered by many to be the Godfather and Godmother of modern, child-centered Play Therapy) originally published this training in 2005.

CPRT is a 10-week, facilitator-led training program that teaches you how to build that relationship that is the key to being a happy Mom.

The reason CPRT is the best program is because it addresses the root of children’s emotional and behavior dysregulation more completely and thoroughly than any other training that I’m aware of.

What sets this training apart are the facilitator led sessions, the weekly play sessions you conduct with your child, and the feedback you get by the facilitor about the play sessions.

No other program or training has this level of “completeness”

And this is why CPRT will get you through that “door” and on your way to being the SMART, happy Mom that you desire to be.

And I think you’re tired of training that falls short, right?

You’re ready for a training that gets you all the way through the door.

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How is CPRT different from all the other parenting training on the Internet?

If you asked this question, it means you may be skeptical, or you’ve tried other courses in the past. This is very reasonable to think this way. I wouldn’t just jump into something without first researching it either!

Maybe you are the type that wants to see some validation, or collect information and mull it over.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that many “parent training” or parenting courses online are created by average Moms, that solved a problem in their life, and then created a training course teaching their solution.

How many parenting “experts” selling courses have a background (meaning: they are a psychologist, PhD, therapist, etc.) in child development?

Here’s the most important question…

How many online courses have over 5 decades of EMPIRICAL RESEARCH, studies, and armies of PhD students creating studies to prove, or disprove the effectiveness of the training?

So why are you just learning about this now?

I can imagine you might be asking yourself, “if play therapy and CPRT is so great, why haven’t I heard about it before?

The simple answer is that Play Therapy and CPRT has been stuck in “academia”.

Many (if not most) play therapists are professors at universities.

So play therapists are consumed with teaching and conducting/publishing research, not marketing and getting the word out how great Play Therapy really is!

This has been my biggest frustration with my career and field… I think every parent should know what Play Therapy is.

My biggest dream would be that I could be on the TODAY show and millions of people would hear about Play Therapy for the first time!! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So until that happens, I’m doing what I can, working with one family at a time, to get the word out about Play Therapy and CPRT.

If you want to be a Happy, SMART Mom, then take advantage of this no-obligation offer

You’re probably still thinking and considering if you can “trust” me, right?

Well let me make this really easy for you.

I want to send you a video that will list what you can expect to get out of this course and what is expected of you.

I also want to send you a PDF that details the course outline, so you will know week-by-week what you will learn in CPRT.

Finally, should you choose to want to get started with CPRT, then I’ll send you a link that’ll start that process as well.

And if you have any other questions, I will be happy to reply with answers.

So no obligation… just fill out the form and I’ll send you the video and the PDF with more information on the course.

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If you’ve gotten this far, I know that you care deeply about being a good Mom

It’s time to trade in…

  • Tired
  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated

It’s time to TRANSFORM into…

  • Calm
  • Confident
  • In-control

It’s time to take that first step to becoming the SMART Mom you always envisioned yourself being.

Fill out the form right now to get more information about CPRT, and thank you!