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Discipline Tip- Stop Counting to Three!

When I was pregnant, my husband and I went to the beach a lot. I decided to make good use of my time there and observe families enjoying the beautiful Florida coast. One of the things that consistently stood out to me over the course of the weeks is that kids can be very stubborn! […]

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Power Struggles with Your Child

As I meet with parents at my office, I am noticing a trend of an increase in reports of power struggles with their children. It seems that children are fighting for control more than ever before, which manifests itself in defiance, rebellion, indifference to consequences and tantrums when things do not go their way. There […]

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Teaching Kids to be Thankful

This is a great time of year to instill gratitude and thankful hearts in children. However, it can be difficult when most children growing up in the most recent generations (Generation Y – also known as the Millenium Generation and Generation Z) have never known life without the luxuries of the computer, cell phone and […]

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Helping Kids Understand the Economy

In the wake of the economic crisis, there are many changes that we are making as families. We are trying to spend less, drive less, eat out less, and cut back on extras that we can live without. As adults, we make decisions based on our best judgment on how to effectively handle the changing […]

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Worldwide Day of Play

As we learn more about the healthy benefits of play, more and more agencies, organizations and communities are encouraging children to participate in playful activities. This is driven by growing research that indicates children need, desire and enjoy play. (more…)

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