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2010 Search Round-up: How do people find The Kid Counselor?

We just finished our 2010 year-end search analysis on The Kid Counselor blog today. We do this every year to answer the question, how do people “find” or “discover” The Kid Counselor?

This may not be riveting information on how to handle misbehaving kids, or enlightening parenting insight, or anything like that, but this year we thought we’d share our findings because we think it helps define our “community” of readers.

What started as a blog for Brenna’s child therapy practice to answer some frequently asked questions for parents has turned into, what we feel is, a community of moms (and even quite a few dads!) who are concerned about raising their kids the best they can. The Kid Counselor blog is Brenna’s way to communicate what she feels are the best techniques for interacting with children, which is, of course, Play Therapy! We have some great things in store for 2011, and I think Brenna will post on that later today and review 2010 and share some excitement about 2011.

First of all… Thank you!

Almost every day we add a new reader or two, either to our Facebook “likers”, or to our list of subscribers. We find it humbling that so many people read what The Kid Counselor is writing. Brenna works hard to write original thoughts and posts that parents will find valuable, and she’ll continue to do so because of all the encouragement and feedback she gets from you, our readers! So thank you! Please keep the comments and questions coming, and please share the blog with your friends!

And now, the results!

Well, the results are in and there were some expected, and also some un-expected findings! Did you find yourself searching on one or more of these topics this year?

Of the 15,779 unique search phrases that people typed into Google and then clicked on The Kid Counselor’s blog in 2010, here are the top phrases and topics:

Single Words

Nothing unexpected here. Out of all the individual words of every searched upon phrase, these are the top 10 most frequently occurring words.

  1. Children
  2. Therapy
  3. Kids
  4. Child
  5. Feelings
  6. Counseling
  7. Praise
  8. Encouragement
  9. Therapist
  10. Parenting

Two-word Groupings

Out of every search, we took every two-word grouping and made a list. Then we counted the frequency (or the number of times that a relevant two-word combination occurred). There were a few unexpected findings in this list!

  1. Play therapy
  2. Feelings chart
  3. Child therapy
  4. Choice theory
  5. Dog whisperer
  6. Child counseling
  7. Love languages
  8. Behavior problems
  9. Bad parenting
  10. Young children

We’re glad to see that “play therapy” tops the list! But what’s interesting is that “feelings chart” was #2. This is obviously because of people searching and finding Brenna’s March, 2007 post on How to Make and Use a Feelings Chart. We did a little deeper digging, and it turns out that that post is The Kid Counselor blog’s all-time most popular post! More people view that page than any other.

Three-word Groupings

Now here’s where it gets interesting, in our opinion. Here are the top 10 frequently occurring three-word groupings.

  1. Tone of voice (surprising!)
  2. Praise vs encouragement (includes variations like “praise and encouragement”, etc.)
  3. Stop saying no (another surprise!)
  4. Therapy for children (includes “counseling for children”)
  5. Benefits of praise
  6. Five love languages
  7. Counting to three
  8. Encouragement for children
  9. Play therapy techniques
  10. Therapy for teenagers (or variations like “teenagers in therapy”)

We did not expect to see “tone of voice” so clearly dominating these three-word phrases (“tone of voice” occurred three times more frequently than any other three-word combination)! We even double checked to make sure that this three-word combo had “child” or “children” also in the entire search phrase, and all but a few did.

When Brenna wrote her article on Healthy Interactions with Children – Tone of Voice way back in March, 2007, we had no idea she’d be hitting on a topic so heavily searched upon… three years later!

Another interesting finding is how many people are searching on “stop saying no”. Brenna wrote an article back in Feb., 2008 titled Stop Saying “No” – Tips for Positive Parenting, and it looks as if she’s hit on another popular topic. Hopefully people are learning there are alternatives to simply saying “no” all the time.

Finally, we’re glad to see #7 in the list. Just last night, Brenna was doing some shopping and overheard a mom counting to her child in the middle of the checkout lane (well, she was counting to five, not three), and Brenna desperately wanted to tell the mom to read her article Discipline Tip: Stop Counting to Three! And no, in case you’re wondering, counting didn’t really work for this mom in the store either (and she even counted to five!) 🙂

So what does all this mean?

This information gives us insight into how people find The Kid Counselor blog. When we know what people are searching on that find us, we can understand the Child Behavior and Parenting topics that are important to our readers.

We get comments and email with questions all the time, and Brenna tries to answer every one of them! Analyzing these search phrases is just another way we can get feedback from our readers to know what is important to you.

Would you like to hear The Kid Counselor’s opinion of a topic? Just email [email protected] and she’ll highlight your topic in an upcoming post.

Thanks again for a great 2010, and we look forward to the new year and wish you all the best!

Did you search on one of these top-10 phrases in 2010? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below!

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